3 Important Aspects To Focus Before Hiring

3 Important Aspects To Focus Before Hiring

Hiring a person for a job is much crucial as well as important. We cannot just hire a person based on his or her CV. A CV can just tell us about the candidate’s skills and educational qualifications. But can it show the candidate’s productivity and point of view towards the particular job for which he/she can be hired? Well, the answer is no.

Off course, the CV is an important thing to consider but, along with it, an interview is always required which will show the following qualities in a person:

  • It will show his/her intelligence and IQ level.
  • It will give you an idea of the candidate’s confidence, regarding how he/she is answering a question, whether he/ she is confident or is in a dilemma.
  • The candidate’s punctuality can be judged depending upon at what time he or she is appearing for the interview. Is he too late or is he too early for the interview? If the candidate is late for the interview, then it reveals that he or she is very casual for the job. Being early to the job is always a sign of punctuality and reveals how keen a person is about whatsoever he/she does. It speaks volumes about his/her personality and also the fashion of working, which is critical to know of course.

These are the important factors to judge a person as well as his character. For hiring a candidate, some aspects are very important to know. Below are the 3 aspects, explained in detail, which an employer needs to focus on while hiring an individual.

  1. Verification: Correct CV and Original Documents

A correct CV with all original documents as proof. The CV must contain all the required grounds like 10th mark sheet, 12th mark sheet, along with the institution from where he or she passed these examinations (just for the verification process) and to know if as per the requirements, he/she has the skills or not, etc. All the documents must be verified according to the CV of the candidate. If the candidate has the required skills for the job, then he or she might be given a chance for an interview round.

  1. Check for levels like confidence & fluency of the candidate

The employer needs to focus on the candidate’s level, like for instance, how is he prepared for the interview round. Relevant questions must be asked according to his skills. The answer to the questions do matter, but so does the confidence with which the answer is recited matter. Also, his fluency (English, Hindi or any other as per the requirements ) needs to be checked, as now it is an important aspect for a job. We all know that in a company or an organization many people from different cultural backgrounds may join. They would have different languages. Thus, a common language, which could be any, must be known to all. This will help in communication with colleagues as well as with the employer.

The interview round will prove the communication skills and also the behavior of the candidate. Personality is another important aspect, and so is the candidate’s positive nature important. The candidate’s perception and views about the work is another important aspect which needs to be taken care of. If these qualities are fulfilled, then the candidate can be considered for the job and the recruitment process could be taken by a step ahead. But the guarantee of recruitment remains 60% as the employer can know only of the candidate’s soft skills in an interview. Productivity still remains a question of concern.

  1. Productivity & under pressure Skills

The last aspect on which the employer should focus, is it’s productivity skills and the ability of the candidate as whether he or she can withstand the constant pressure of the job. Also, whether he or she can submit the work assigned within the given time or not, as meeting deadlines are a crucial part of working environment. Working potential and withstanding the working pressure in the office is the third important aspect for which the employer can judge the candidate before hiring him or her. The ways to judge the same solely depends upon the employer.

Final Thoughts

A job is not simply an obligation to do something, it demands the candidate off a lot of things. Each job has a different set of requirements and each candidate doesn’t possess the same. This is the reason why a full fashioned recruitment process is a must, to determine and select the deserving candidate possessing all the required skill sets. It is crucial for the employer to evaluate and thoroughly read a person, and sometimes judge him/her in order to be sure the person is the correct fit for the job. After all, the selected candidate is going to be handling real important roles in the firm, and the firm for sure wants a determined person.


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