How To Reduce Pre-joining Attrition

How To Reduce Pre-joining Attrition

How To Reduce Pre-joining Attrition

 The literal meaning of attrition means the process of reducing something’s effect by an intended attack or pressure. It can be an internal problem within any system or it can be affected by an outside force. Attrition in business refers to the gradual but intentional reduction in staff members of a particular company as employees retire or resign. Also, they are not ever replaced.

Early attrition can be explained as the rival of talent development or skillful learning. It is the process of removal of company employees deliberately before their given retirement age or resigning plan. It shortens the longevity of tenure and skills.

Main Reasons For Early Attrition

  1. Culture

There has been a culture of hiring young minds and ignoring old ones in the corporate sector in the past two decades. Companies are removing employees without notice or any firm explanation.

  1. Expectations Mismatch 

There has been always an expectation mismatch between the company and the employee but it has taken a rapid increase in the past few years. This leads to many misunderstandings and inner conflict.

  1. False promises

False promises are done by both employer and employee which results in poor professional relationships among them and thus also leads to early attrition.

  1. Poor treatment

Many companies treat their employees poorly, which is a very bad thing. Also, some employees show negligence towards their jobs which hinders their work quality.

  1. Incomplete training

Many of the times, due to incomplete training during the training period of the employee, early attrition can happen.

It is observed that recruiters recruit tactically and not strategically. They give real-time situations to budding employers so that they will understand the situations when one is in his/her workplace.

It is high time that early attrition has to be stopped or curbed. Otherwise, the corporate sector will have to face many problems in maintaining a good skillful approach towards work and various projects.

There are many ways which can be used to minimize or remove the early attrition

 1- Optimizing recruiting and hiring

Many companies have a poor recruiting system. They can optimize and improve their recruiting system by discussing and following a proper process to hire employees.

2- Enhancing training programs

The training programs must be enhanced so that the employees know the work culture and thus don’t have a mismatch of expectations which will improve the mutual understanding between both sides. Also, the training period must be mentioned so that there occurs no confusion while training and hiring.

3- Introducing reward programs

Reward programs help to get a great boom in work as it motivates the workers to work more and work harder and also be an inspiration of aspiring employees. Regular reward programs will result in great outputs in the company and thus will help the company to reach new heights.

4- Introducing the culture of coaching

The culture of coaching is a thing that should be promoted more and more to get good results in the corporate industry. It is high time that all firms, as well as aspirants, realize that without proper coaching and information, it is not possible to deliver the desired results.

5- Offering promotions

Offering promotions and raises to the employees boost up their morale by giving them a reason to work hard and provides a good reputation and goodwill to the company. It not only creates a good impression but also creates a positive environment in the office.

6- Improvement in work conditions

Work conditions must be improved. It is high time that the employers must realize that they cannot bound or rule any of their workers. There must be a friendly yet workaholic environment to deliver good results in the office.

7- Provide Excellent software and tools

It is of utmost urgency that companies should be updated to the latest versions of software and tools to reduce time, give optimized results and make the process of work easier than before.

8- Provide skill development programs

Skill and quality development programs must be run by the companies to improve the skills of working employees and to introduce them to new technologies and prospects of development of the company as well as their own career. It will not only be helpful in making the office an eventful place but also help in the quality learning of workers and aspirants.

The X and Y theories of human work motivation and management must be kept in mind while dealing with employees which says, it is human nature that one tends to get away from work as humans are born with these kinds of traits (X theory) while the other one states that humans are willing to work and motivated to get success in life by working harder and harder.

So to reduce pre-joining attrition one must keep in mind these theories and some procedures to be successful and reduce the rate of attrition in companies.

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