Oracle Enterprise Manager Focus Areas

Oracle Enterprise Manager Focus Areas

As the name suggests and gives a brief description of itself, the Oracle Enterprise Manager is your one-stop solution to manage every system irrespective of its integration with Oracle products. It has a three-tier structure wherein each tier has to accomplish certain tasks like database management, network monitoring, etc. With Oracle Enterprise Manager, the administration work of a large-scale service can be handled with ease and efficiency. Let us see what are the major focus areas can it deal with.

Following are the major focus areas that feature the functionality of the Oracle Enterprise Manager:

1.   Asset Monitoring and Incident Management

All the digital, as well as the physical assets of the enterprise, is monitored round the clock for the safety purposes. Any kind of malicious activity is reported immediately to the administrators and any activity that doesn’t comply with the regulatory protocol is sent as an alert.

2.   Server Hardware Management

Every hardware and server associated with the Oracle Enterprise Manager can be updated individually or all at once. They provide efficient management services to these crucial aspects. Their tracking system is a solution for all the energy expenses and analysis required for healthier returns.

3.   Operating System Management

While it is important to manage the server and hardware, it is equally vital to monitor the operating systems. Oracle makes sure to install, patch, upgrade and monitor all the processes that are in service. They also keep a record of the use of the memory and CPU utilization to kill the processes that are nugatory. Moreover, all the allowance and prohibition of the libraries, packages and services are regulated as per the needs of the administrator.

4.   Network Management

It deals with all the network-based addresses wherein the major tasks such as creating virtual networks and subnetting within an enterprise. It is also very important to protect the internal network of an enterprise from intruders with malicious intents. Thus Oracle Enterprise Manager helps in creating and managing public and private network to ensure isolation.

5.   Virtualization Management

When you create more than one interfaces on a single environment, then Oracle manages those virtualized environments for you. It also includes managing memory spaces and file transactions, efficient usage of power and all the information of the guest profiles. Once your Oracle Enterprise Manager is integrated with Oracle VM Server, best results can be expected.

6.   Storage Management

The foremost priority of any organization is its data. It is important to not only extract the data from the server, but also make it available for authentic users at the data centres. The storage management assistance provided by the Oracle Enterprise Manager deals with your virtual data and libraries through two ways- opaque storage and multipath storage. From creating multiple paths to access a data to frequent backups, your manager at hand does it all!

7.   Cloud Management

If you want to take all your services, resources and data on the cloud platform, then Oracle Enterprise Manager can integrate it for you through the IaaS platform. It’ll also deal with the deployment and configuration of the Cloud platform and ensure it is used optimally.

8.   Oracle Engineered Systems Management

Oracle Engineered is a well-thought blend of hardware and software that are integrated to achieve the superior level of productivity of an enterprise. Also, if installed along with the Oracle Enterprise Manager, then all the focus areas provided by it are provided along with executive reports of management. These were the major focus areas of the Oracle Enterprise Manager that can come extensively handy for any administrator of an enterprise. Moreover, having a multi-tasking platform that manages all your tasks single-handedly, superiorly, and yields better results should not be missed.

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